What is better Media information or Books

A never ending conversation about digital media and books or print media! We need to understand the value and role of both digital media and print media. We will mainly discuss books and media. How and what effects these have on our lives. Let’s discuss and try to understand the importance of each in today’s life.

Books – A bunch of paper printed or hand written piece of information. Mostly this information in books relies on the true experiences and with true experiments to improve the knowledge and a try to maintain the life. This medium is one of the oldest ways to store the information or messages for further references in future and in the present situations. We still follow the ancient books to get further knowledge and which encourage the human nature to go for more experiments with an open mind to adding up more and new information. A book can be as many pages as a writer want. Even a 10 pages book could be the reason of knowledge. Before a book gets print it gets proofread by the writer and the publisher house to understand and to check if the provided information is correct and original. People are trying to save books and they are offering free open libraries on the streets to get the books they want to read and simultaneously to donate another book as well. There are some social events going on in cities and countries to restore the love of paper books, and through what, ‘digital media’! However, nowadays as life is moving fast and people find less time to understand what they are going to read and what they are going apply or spread to others is naturally depend on one’s mind. A small mistake can provide wrong information to the world.

Media – a source of information where we could find information, news or messages quick but not purely reliable. Digital media has made our live easy and speedy. We can reach to anyone and anywhere in this world anytime. Digital media do provide e-books for those who love to read and want to carry lengthy books in light weight. No doubts books contain weight and to overcome this and to get new books without moving out to a bookshop digital media introduce e-books like Kindle. Digital media means of communication and information can provide worldwide news and can do mass spread by using social sites and social chats. It is not necessary that all and whatever ever information is uploaded is true or correct because whoever is uploading this information is a human like us and might be uploading this information according to his intention or we can say according to his mindset. People can manipulate to make you choose their choice.  Any piece of information and the response for that information highly depend on social activities now. But somehow digital media making us more creative and easier to reach or to spread one’s own thoughts without waiting to get it printed in a long procedure. People who show interest makes one do more and stay curious for next.

Media and Books have no comparison if we understand it wisely and get the idea of importance for both.